The “Personal Data” can be viewed on every page of the site.

The “Personal Data” policy applies to the, internet site when the French version is selected. Depending on the country, the personal data policy which applies may vary.

By logging onto, you agree to your personal data being collected.

The terms and conditions for the articles which are on sale in the Pinel & Pinel “E-STORE” section are contained within the General Terms and Conditions of Sale. These sections form a contractual whole with the policy of “Personal Data”, and the “Legal Notices”.

Please find details below on how Pinel & Pinel collects and protects personal data (on, in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, as amended by the provisions of Act No. 2004-801 of 6 August 2004 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.

Pinel & Pinel protects the privacy of its internet users through its compliance with current regulations. This means that, Pinel & Pinel, being responsible for processing, has informed the National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (hereinafter the “CNIL”) that it has been collecting and processing your personal data.

2.1 How is your data collected?

Personal data

Pinel & Pinel may collect your personal data through the tab “Contact us”, whenever a customer account is created, through subscriptions to the brand’s newsletter, and also if you join social networks at Pinel & Pinel.

“Personal Data” means information about you as an individual which you have provided voluntarily, on the customer account opening page of the Pinel & Pinel site, or on any other application on which you leave information. Personal data includes the following information: name, contact details, photographs, as well as IP addresses and cookies.

As part of its anti-counterfeiting drive, Pinel & Pinel automatically collects information from companies or people who may possibly be committing acts which are violating its rights. This information is provided to companies which may legally use the Pinel & Pinel brand, worldwide, so that they can take the necessary steps for protecting their rights.

Pinel & Pinel publishes a presentation and brand information page on the Facebook™ social network:

When you follow Pinel & Pinel on Facebook™, Facebook enjoys free access to the information you provide publicly, although it doesn’t collect this information on a different database.


If you don’t wish Pinel & Pinel to access your public data, you can change the access to your data on Facebook™ (see Facebook™ policy on personal data).

PINEL & PINEL online store

When your customer account is created, Pinel & Pinel collects your personal data so that you can order on

2.2 Use of your data


Using the information that you have provided, Pinel & Pinel may:

– answer your questions

– with your agreement send you promotional and information messages and letters

-measure the numbers of people visiting the site


Pinel & Pinel will collect, amongst other things, your surname, first name, postal address, e-mail address, date of birth and telephone number.


  • Data storage


Your personal data is stored by Pinel & Pinel for a maximum of 10 years as of the last contact. Cookies on the other hand, are kept for 6 months.

A cookie records the information held on your computer when a page is viewed (date and time, page viewed…) and which is available to Pinel & Pinel. A cookie or a web tag may be placed on the site which is being viewed. They allow Pinel & Pinel to collect a certain amount of information in order to obtain log-in statistics so that we can improve our online services and adapt them in line with your needs.

Please note, Pinel & Pinel uses cookies in particular in the “Wish list”. Pinel & Pinel is liable to advertise on other websites which may themselves contain cookies.

You may at any time access these cookies from your computer settings in order to generate visit statistics.

You have the choice of opting out of having these cookies sent by writing to Pinel & Pinel via the section “Contact us.” You can also set your browser as follows:

àFor Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and later versions:

In the “Tools” menu click on “Internet Options”, and then on the “Privacy” tab. Choose the level that you want using the cursor.

àFor Safari:

In “Preferences”, click on “Security” and choose the options that are right for you.

àFor Opera 6.0 and and later versions:

In the “File” menu, click on “Preferences”, then “Privacy” and choose the options that are right for you.

àFor Mozilla Firefox:

In the “Tools” menu click on “Options”, then click on the “Privacy” icon. In the “cookie” menu choose the options that are right for you.

Only Pinel & Pinel uses the data which has been collected. This data is only provided to a third party with your agreement; if Pinel & Pinel has to inform its service providers so that it can provide you with the service you require (for example: sending an order); or for the needs of a court or administrative authority.

Whenever a page from the, website is shared, your data is only used for sending a message (for which you are responsible) and for no other purpose.

Internet users are asked to only provide Pinel & Pinel with information concerning it that Pinel & Pinel is liable to ask internet users via a questionnaire or other form. Should the customer wish to send unsolicited personal information, such information will be accurate, and non-prejudicial to third parties.

Pinel & Pinel will do everything in its power to ensure the security of its customers’ personal data, using state of the art protection software. Backups of this personal data are regularly carried out in accordance with French law. The staff from the Pinel & Pinel company undertake to respect the utmost confidentiality.

Despite all these measures in place, Pinel & Pinel must warn its customers against the potential risks of system failures in the protection of personal data due to the very way in which the internet functions.

Security measures concerning payment at Pinel & Pinel involve the use of a secured external payment platform for any orders which are placed with, in accordance with PCI DSS security standards.

Pinel & Pinel may not be held liable for potential malfunctions caused by cases of force majeure.

7.1 Right to access, modify, correct and delete

Customers of Pinel & Pinel are entitled at any time to access their personal data, to modify it, and to delete it. To do this, they just need to contact Pinel & Pinel customer services (and provide their surname, first name, email and postal address, for identification purposes):

– write to: Pinel & Pinel – Service Relations Clientèle – 60 rue d’Avron 75 020 Paris

– send an e-mail by using the “Contact us” facility.

– call us on + 33 9 67 07 58 39 (from Monday to Friday, from 9: 00 a.m. to 6:00 pm)


7.2 How to unsubscribe from the Newsletter 

Pinel & Pinel provides its customers with exclusive information via its “Newsletter”, to which the internet user may subscribe at any time. The newsletter has information about products and new features at Pinel & Pinel, the latest news about the brand, and events…


The subscriber has the option of ending this subscription at any time, either by following the link which has been created for this purpose at the bottom of each Newsletter, or by asking explicitly to be taken off the mailing list by writing to Pinel & Pinel (and providing the email address to be removed).

In the event of a change concerning the management of the Pinel & Pinel company, the data that it collects on the customer may be transferred to third parties if this is necessary.

The products which Pinel & Pinel sells via the on-line store are only for adults, even though access to the content of the web site itself is not prohibited to minors. As such, Pinel & Pinel is not at all supposed to collect data on minors. Should such a case occur, the legal representative of the minor concerned may at any time exercise his/her right to access/modify the data which has been collected, as described in point 7.1 above.

Pinel & Pinel is liable over time to change its “Personal data” policy, in which case the changes made will be notified to the public via the website and via the newsletter. Nevertheless, Pinel & Pinel advises visitors to regularly visit its dedicated “Personal Data” website page.

The customer services department of Pinel & Pinel can be contacted for any questions concerning the policy on “Personal Data”:

– write to “Pinel & Pinel” – Service Relations Clientèle – 60 rue d’Avron, 75 020 Paris.

– send an email via “Contact us”.

– call us on + 33 9 67 07 58 39 (from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)


Last updated: July 2017